• Finallystop feeling self-conscious about problems like crooked teeth, crowded teeth or a deep bite
  • Within weeks or months, you couldstart feeling great about beautiful new, straighter teeth
  • No one need know you are having treatmentthanks to clear, subtle braces

Have you always dreamt of straight teeth?

Lots of teeth straightening patients say they started to feel embarrassed about their teeth as a child or teenager.

Maybe at some point in the past you saw a particularly bad photo of your smile…

Covering you mouth since for photos or you try to smile with your lips closed.

Vitality Dental Spa Orthodontic Treatments:

Six Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles is the ideal treatment for patients with a limited amount of time to straighten their smiles. Many patients desire fast-acting results in time for a wedding or other special occasion. With 6 Month Smiles at Vitality Dental Spa we can provide you with a beautiful, straight smile in 6 months or less

How does 6 Month Smiles work?

A specialised fixed brace system, 6 Month Smiles uses wires and brackets coloured according to teeth to achieve a discreet blend minimising the visibility of braces. The movement of teeth in the 6 Month Smiles system focuses on the teeth that are visible when smiling.

Every 6 Month Smiles brace is bespoke, fitted to you and your orthodontic condition, which achieves the fastest and best results. Over the course of treatment you will return to the practice to check the progress of tooth movement and have your brace tightened to encourage further realignment.

6 Month Smiles may not be as discreet as clear aligner systems, such as Invisalign, but fixed braces will always be able to achieve a greater level of tooth movement. They are also much faster and the better option if looking for quick, effective tooth straightening. Treatment time will differ for each person but you can expect results in 6 months or less. Expected treatment time will be discussed during an initial consultation.




Open Bite

Clear Removable Braces

Invisible removable braces are a series of clear, removable aligners which work in a similar way to traditional metal braces but with a number of benefits and advantages.

Firstly we will take Impressions of your teeth are taken and sent to a lab where they will make a series of clear removable braces. Each one is adjusted to wear for a month or so before moving on to the next, slowly altering the position of your teeth until the right alignment is reached.

At the end of the treatment you wear a clear night time retainer, and/or a fixed bonded retainer on the inside of the teeth to keep your teeth in their new position. With your new smile you’ll enjoy a more confident you.

Treatment benefits of invisible removable braces

'Invisible' braces are often a preferred choice for those who are conscious about being seen wearing a brace. As they're clear retainer-type braces, no-one need know that you’re having orthodontic treatment – only those you choose to tell.

As with all orthodontic treatment, having straight teeth will make it easier for you to keep them clean and reduce the risk of gum disease in the future. The benefit of removable braces over fixed braces is that they can be removed for cleaning, flossing and for sport as necessary.

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